Spend a few days in the Cordillera mountains and communities.
Meet locals, connect, and be changed as a traveler forever.

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Find a family and be part of a community of travelers transforming humanity.


Immerse yourself in the local, connect with the people, and appreciate life.


Bask in the warmth of everything that's natural. Get closer to nature and open up yourself to positive transformation.

You're Not Just a Tourist, You're One of Us

TAHANAN is a platform that forwards community-based immersion program. We provide an experience that can change people’s perspective at the least, and potentially transform humanity. TAHANAN is about the appreciation of life, people, culture; and of course, you.

We work as an enabler of change for the promotion of regenerative “culture” that ushers in positive return to community, culture, society and nature. While TAHANAN is clearly not for everyone, we aim to widen the tribe of responsible travelers towards a transformed humanity.

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Travel doesn't become adventure
until you leave yourself behind.

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